Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Birthday Poem for My Cousin, David!

My cousin's birthday was yesterday and since he won't be joining us for FASA this year (he's going to seminary), I've decided to post this little reminder of him!

For David On His Birthday
On this auspicious day in July
I now will endeavor to try
To craft a great ode for a Donica
Whom I'm glad is called David, not Monica

His wit is the life of the party
His shirts and his pants are quite smarty
His dance moves and smiles come pouring 
And all his friends keep on encoring

Way deep down inside his big heart
He's really as light as a lark
A cuddly fuzzball of love
Whose arms keep on giving us hugs

But now he's revealed his best secret
It's this: he knows how to preach it!
We're proud of old David called Donica
And glad that his name is not Monica!


  1. Brilliantly done, Ben. Your poetic skills are quite amazing! =D

  2. Very fun poem, Ben! I am sure we will all miss David Riley at FASA this year, but I know he will do well in seminary! =)

  3. I love the poem! We'll miss David at FASA though! He will do wonderfully in seminary. How exciting for him!

  4. Thanks! He's doing real well where he is so that makes up for not having him this year... at least, about halfway... ;)