Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Paradisal Bookstore

I love bookstores. When I hear that Barnes and Noble has fallen on hard times, my heart aches. The bookstore is perhaps the one place in the shopping and entertainment experience where I feel most at home. Nothing thrills me more than browsing books I will never buy on the upshot that I might find that one classic I've been hoping to see in print.

Of all the bookstores I've ever been to, Full Circle Bookstore is certainly the best. Situated in the heart of Oklahoma City, it is not the place you would expect to find in flyover country. Bookstores like this with a love of fine editions, beautiful displays, classic works, and warm atmosphere are a rare treasure. Here are some pictures of Full Circle for those of you who haven't had the opportunity to experience the joy firsthand.


  1. Benjamin, I like your post! I think that we might of heard of this bookstore.
    One of the places that we love to shop for books is antique stores. They usually carry some beautiful old books. Books that you don’t see everywhere, that have good moral content. Briana bought a whole set of the “Waverley Novels” by Sir Walter Scott, and neat old children books. I have seen some interesting history books there also. By the way, have you read Quentin Durward yet? We just finished reading it not to long ago. We enjoyed it even though Scott does not know how to finish the story, in my opinion.:) He actually told us that we could imagine it so he didn’t need to write it! He does do a good job of giving a history lesson in an interesting way. He seems to try to get an accurate account on the people that lived during that time (in this case King Louis the XI) by reading things that the people in that time period wrote. I hope your family will have a good Christmas season, especially on the 17th.:) Christyn LaNae Mahoney

  2. Thank you, Benjamin for posting about the bookstore! Did you find any books there? I love bookstores, but especially used or antique. It is exciting when a good bookstore is found! Not long ago I went into Borders. I came out disgusted and depressed. It seemed like everything had vampires added to it, even the classics like “Pride and Prejudice”!
    I prefer the books that are well made and will last for the coming generations. I also like publishers that re-print old books with pretty hard bound covers and good Christian morals, like Lamplighter.
    I love the classics, but I also enjoy the non-fiction books about expeditions and historical events. One of my favorite parts of the Winter season, is when our family sits around a glowing fireplace in the evenings reading aloud. We take turns reading while the others do handwork. One of the books that stuck in my mind was “Endurance,” by Alfred Lansing, about Earnest Shackelton. There is something about reading a cold book when it is cold outside. It creates an ambiance. It made me feel more grateful for our cozy warm fireplace. Endurance was very interesting.
    Now we are reading a story for Advent. After this, we plan to read a non-fiction called “ The Long Walk,” by Slavomir Rawicz. It is about seven prisoners escaping from a Soviet labor camp, and their walk over thousands of miles through Siberia, Gobi Dessert and the Himalayas. Now that should get some ambiance going! : )
    Have you ever shopped for books on E-bay, or Amazon? We have found some beautiful books for a good price. The sad thing about buying on internet is that you can’t touch the book or see the pages.
    Would you please explain what you mean by “ I never buy on the upshot”?
    Merci beaucoup!
    Katelyn LaRee Mahoney

  3. Hey Mahoneys!

    Those are good books for the winter! The Long Walk is one of my favorites, and Endurance is a great book too. Oh, and "on the upshot" is just a way of saying "with the chance". I like to browse books on the chance that I might find a good one. I haven't finished Quentin Durward because I have so much school reading to do, but I'll look forward to reading it.



  4. Hey! I like the picture at the top of your blog, Ben! Where was that taken?